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Peachfest USA


Just over two weeks ago, we shut the pub for the night, and  wondered off to a field in Thame, for our annual Peach Pub party. And what a party it was. Every year there’s a different theme and this year, because the party was on 4th July, the theme was Born in the USA. After much deliberation, and different ideas thrown in the pot, we decided to dig out the checked shirts, put on our best American accents and make our way over from Southern USA.

The festival takes place in a large field, with full entertainment from the circus act, beginning straightaway. Unfortunately Jordi was on holiday for this year’s party, but of course we couldn’t let him miss out, so brought along the inflatable version instead…


From Playboy Bunnies and Gangsters, to Basketball Players and Cheerleaders, everyone scrambled to build a tent suitable enough to house them for the night. The DJ played until the early hours, we were fed and watered, and it was evident to see what party animals the entire team are. All in all, a very fun, weird, fuzzy day and night.

See you next year.

Written by rebekha

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